Sunday, October 10, 2010

corn maze.
We went to the apple orchard (again) today. But this time with our friends Fiona and her sister savanah. I binged on apple fritters (again). But I don't feel bad (again).
We got way too much candy at a parade. So I decided to make it a math game.

Everyone getting a drink before bed. Baby sears cannot be left out, following the rest with his cup! During this endeavor they managed to spill yogurt all over the floor. then a few of them stepped in it. All after nana had just finished cleaning the kitchen. TIME FOR BED!

Some friends we made in the neighborhood. we are going to miss you!

chaos at bedtime. trying to read a book to the girls can sometimes be more stressful than it really should be.
Some play dough pizza. I never thought about putting blueberries on a pizza but i must say it was pretty good. in my mind.
mowing has been a fun pastime since I've been here. a good workout as well.
I told Olivia and Reagan to take these ABC cards and hang them on the line in order. It took them 30+ minutes to do so. I think I might try this more often!

making a morning smoothie in my vitamix.
singing happy birthday. Sears is slightly confused.

My little guy turns one. What a blessing he has been to our family!

Katie took the two older girls to spend the night at her place. It was a quiet dinner with these two. But the kitchen remains trashed as you can tell in the back. notice the dog begging...

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sears birthday was on Monday. The girls each gave him a rubber ball. It's basically the only toys for boys around here. and he hold on to those things like they are the only thing left on earth.

The girls were given a make-over session at a place called sheer madness for their birthday from some girls up the street. I took Reagan and she had to do it too of course. they had fun doing the make-up, nail polish, and getting glitter in their hair.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Olivia said "Mommy, you can stop taking the vitamin that makes you get pregnant. You have a lot of kids. I guess you could give me back. just kidding!"
please excuse the blurry images. My Iphone was all I had. But Wednesday night we met Katie at the plaza. Ate at PF Changs. And let the kids run around at the art institute. It was glorious weather. Amazing views. And I'm really starting to mourn the fact that I won't be back here for an indefinate period of time. We are all going to miss Katie very much.

We love bagels! We go get some at least once a week. I think the kiddos are a little too used to it!

quote from Olivia

I was wearing my new glasses and Olivia looked at me and said,
"you look fashion."

quote from Ellie

Can we make a rocket ship and go to outer space one day?

Do you think I would get carsick in a rocket ship?
Missed my mother-in-laws birthday (only by one day I must say). So I had the girls color in this card I drew up in a jiffy. Then emailed her the pic. Hey, I'm not organized on birthday's this year AT ALL. urg.