Tuesday, September 28, 2010

On Tuesday everyone was up bright and early (as usual). Olivia announced 'I feel like pancakes!' So my mom and I decided to take the kids to Cracker Barrel up the street. It was a good high fat, calorie feast. But the kids did great. And I even got a compliment from an elderly couple as they were leaving the restaurant on how well behaved the kids were. score!

So after we ate (and I was bloated out of my mind!), we played some checkers outside. Well, I say 'we.' But I mean that Ellie and Nana played on one board. Olivia and Reagan played on another. And I watched baby Sears run up and down the porch. Oh, and I took pictures. If I don't, who will????

So after awhile I realize that Reagan and Olivia's game has turned into cupcake store. Olivia says 'how many cupcakes do you want?' hmmmmmm. interesting way to play checkers?! But I wasn't about to interfere! I just call it the two and three year old version of playing.

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