Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This morning I read:
"Which is harder: to do or endure?
I think to endure is much harder, and our Father loves us too much to let us pass through life without learning to endure. So I want you to welcome the difficult little things, the tiny pricks and ruffles that are sure to come almost every day. For they give you a chance to say 'no' to yourself, and by doing so you will become strong not only to do but also to endure."
{from the book A Very Present Help by Amy Carmichael.

I'm not 'enduring' a huge trial by any means. We are trying to figure out the details of the move. I have no idea where we will be living. And every time I try to figure it out the property manager or some other person I call tells me it's too soon and to call him when I can come to town. So my hands are tied and I have to just sit, do nothing, and trust God? It's so uncomfortable feeling out of control. But reality is, I'm never in control. I'm just in an illusion of being in control. And by the way, saying 'no' to myself isn't fun. But God help me to sit still and endure.

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